The Fangirl’s Drama Roundtable: Goblin Final Thoughts


Yet another amazing drama has ended which means it is time for The Fangirl’s to gather together and chat about all the moments that made us, well, fangirl.  So come join us in our farewell to Goblin and all the wonderful characters that enriched our lives for the last three months. Continue reading “The Fangirl’s Drama Roundtable: Goblin Final Thoughts”

Kdrama Hidden Gem: Hero 2012


It amazes me how few people watched this drama back when it aired in 2012.  But I guess that is what makes it the perfect topic for my Hidden Gem post.  It has everything you could want in a Korean superhero, crime, noir show….well, maybe a bit more romance, but other than that, it has it all.  So come join me as I convince you to check out the always entertaining Hero 2012. Continue reading “Kdrama Hidden Gem: Hero 2012”

OTP Cuteness Abounds in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 3rd Teaser


I have really high hopes for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.  I love the cast, the promos, and the synopsis…now they just need to deliver a clever rom-com.  Drama Geek and I are running out of new dramas to possibly recap so if this one doesn’t catch our blogging interest I am not sure when another full recap will happen. Continue reading “OTP Cuteness Abounds in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 3rd Teaser”

The Fangirl’s Kdrama Roundtable: What Makes a Good Romantic Drama?


It is that time of year again where everything becomes hearts, chocolates, and greeting cards.  Or for your typical Kaddict, it is that time of year when a rewatch of your favorite romantic kdrama becomes a must. So join us as we debate what makes a good romantic drama and which are our favorites.  Continue reading “The Fangirl’s Kdrama Roundtable: What Makes a Good Romantic Drama?”

1st Impressions: Defendant


Defendant premiered last week and I had to force myself to watch.  Mostly because I was in the mood for a romantic comedy and not a suspense drama.  But the power of Ji Sung is strong and despite my craving for fluff I put my big girl pants on and pushed play.  I am so glad I did because not only was this drama worth watching but it also became my #1 currently airing drama.  So join me as I give you a quick (spoiler free) rundown of the pros and cons of Defendant. Continue reading “1st Impressions: Defendant”