Suspicious Partner 37 & 38

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Hello there show that I fell in love with! Plot twists! A bad guy that makes me shiver! Oh so yummy kisses! (These two need an award for most believably natural yet still steamy kisses). We are winding down and just when you thought the rest of the show would be filled with fluff they make sure we remember that even though a criminal is arrested doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of work to be done to convict him of the everything he is guilty of. Especially when he have amnesia that equals possible mental instability. Continue reading

Suspicious Partner Episodes 29 & 30

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 9.43.44 AMJi Wook in denial was cute and entertaining. Ji Wook in love and trying to wait for his affection to be returned was down right adorable. Ji Wook in love and wooing his girl (ahem boots were knocked) was sexy and what unicorns and puppies are made of. Ji Wook devastated and trying to keep himself together even though he’s about to shatter into a million pieces is just PAINFUL. Continue reading

Suspicious Partner Episode 21 & 22

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We established that in love Wookie is the best last week, and it is still true. But secretive and non sharing BongWook is not the best. Add in a heavy foreshadowing director’s hand and I spent the entire episode wondering when the full fledged angst was going to start. We’ve just barely passed the halfway mark (I get confused too with this new episode count) so I hope we aren’t going to be plunged fully into the separation and sadness territory. We haven’t even gotten real couple moments yet. Continue reading

Bride of the Water God: I Volunteer as Tribute!

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Like all of you, the fangirls have been not so patiently waiting for the new drama, Bride of the Water God.  Can we really ever get enough Nam Joo Hyuk?  All I know is that the teasers for this one have me really excited for this drama to start. The whole premise of offering up a beautiful woman as a sacrifice to a handsome god means we will have great push and pull that will hopefully create a great romance we can all root for.


Bride of the Water God brings us a modern day fantasy. Our struggling heroine is  psychiatrist So-A, played by Shin Se Kyung, and she is offered up as a sacrifice to Nam Joo Hyuk’s character, the Water God Ha Baek.  We have a well rounded cast of secondary characters with Lim Ju Hwan as Hoo-yee who is  Ha Bake’s rival, Krystal Jung as goddess Moo Ra, and Gong Myung rounds the cast out as Bi Ryum.

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I am really excited for this drama to start because I really like this casting, and we have some actors and actresses who I think will be able to really make this drama stand out.  After all of Nam Joo Hyuk is a great swimmer and I think he will make a perfect Water God. I’m relatively sure that some opportunity to have him standing in the rain shirtless or in the water will occur in this drama.

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I’m not quite as sure about Shin Se Kyung. I haven’t really been impressed with her acting in the past.  She doesn’t seem to show emotion well in my opinion and I feel like this is a role where she will need to show some emotion.  I hope I am pleasantly surprised and she creates a character that I am in love with.

Bride of the Water God is set to begin July 3rd on TVN after Circle ends.  I love the whole underwater feel of this teaser! Are you looking forward to this drama?  Tell us why in the comments.

Fangirl Stalking: Kim Seul Gi


During a recent fangirl post I realized that Kim Seul Gi hasn’t graced our screens in a regular (not web) drama in a while.  I love her quirky roles and her cameos are always great, but I’m really excited that she has a supporting role in the new drama Lookout coming out soon.  This is one actress that I am cheering for to eventually get a role as the lead in a romantic comedy because she is so talented, but we almost always see her in supporting roles.

Continue reading