So Many Teasers So Little Time

I swear that all the teasers wait for the day I go to work to be released.  The Dramaverse is out to get me.  So instead of a carefully thought out piece on each one, I am going for the throw everything in a pot and call it good type of post.  Because somehow I don’t think my employers would accept the “I had to share new kdrama teasers with the world” as a valid excuse for being late. Continue reading “So Many Teasers So Little Time”

OTP Cuteness Abounds in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 3rd Teaser


I have really high hopes for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.  I love the cast, the promos, and the synopsis…now they just need to deliver a clever rom-com.  Drama Geek and I are running out of new dramas to possibly recap so if this one doesn’t catch our blogging interest I am not sure when another full recap will happen. Continue reading “OTP Cuteness Abounds in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 3rd Teaser”