The Fangirl’s Drama Roundtable: Goblin Final Thoughts


Yet another amazing drama has ended which means it is time for The Fangirl’s to gather together and chat about all the moments that made us, well, fangirl.  So come join us in our farewell to Goblin and all the wonderful characters that enriched our lives for the last three months. Continue reading “The Fangirl’s Drama Roundtable: Goblin Final Thoughts”

The Fangirl’s Kdrama Roundtable: What Makes a Good Romantic Drama?


It is that time of year again where everything becomes hearts, chocolates, and greeting cards.  Or for your typical Kaddict, it is that time of year when a rewatch of your favorite romantic kdrama becomes a must. So join us as we debate what makes a good romantic drama and which are our favorites.  Continue reading “The Fangirl’s Kdrama Roundtable: What Makes a Good Romantic Drama?”

The Great Debate: To binge watch or simulcast


What is my place in the universe? Is there a God? What is the purpose of life? Should I binge watch previously-aired Korean dramas, or watch new episodes airing now?

These are the universal questions that humanity has struggled with since the beginning of time (or the beginning of DramaFever, depending).

I will attempt to answer one of them today. Continue reading “The Great Debate: To binge watch or simulcast”

The Fangirls Drama Roundtable: Love O2O Final Thoughts

2a50There is so much love being thrown at Love o2o that we thought it would be fun to take a moment and discuss what it is that made this drama so special. So come join The Fangirls as we chat OTP’s, side characters, and what we would want to change if we were in charge.  It’s time to jump into everything Love O2O!   Continue reading “The Fangirls Drama Roundtable: Love O2O Final Thoughts”

The Fangirl’s Cyber Meet-up to Watch K2 Episode 1 + Snack & Face Mask Reviews


The Fangirls are celebrating so many things this month.  First, it is Kdrama Jen’s birthday so WOOT!  Second, we are almost at 2000 likes on our Facebook Page (there will be a giveaway when we reach that milestone so go like us if you haven’t already).  Finally, we have been a blog for a whole year!  Yup, we have been toiling away to bring you all the latest news, recaps, and reviews for 12 months.  And what better way to celebrate than to gather all together and appreciate the beauty that is Ji Chang Wook?  So come join us as we give a quick recap of episode 1 as well as reviews on tons of Korean snacks.  Because what is a party without some yummy food!

Continue reading “The Fangirl’s Cyber Meet-up to Watch K2 Episode 1 + Snack & Face Mask Reviews”