A Plethora of Upcoming Drama Stills, Posters, & Teasers


So many stills, posters, and teasers came out over the last few days that we just can’t seem to find enough time to write about each individual show.  A fangirl has to occasionally sleep after all.  So in true kaddict fashion, we are just going to jump right in and share it all in one binge-worthy post.  Continue reading “A Plethora of Upcoming Drama Stills, Posters, & Teasers”

A Side of Kdrama Gossip #4

collage.jpgKmuse here, spending way too much of the time I should be sleeping, checking out my kdrama social media.  But since I am already awake, I figured I would throw out a quick Kdrama Gossip post since it has been a while since we last released one due to the End of Year reviews.  Sadly, I am flying solo, this time,  since the other Fangirls are smart and snug in their beds.  But please join me as I chat about the latest stills, gossip, and other random stuff happening in Kdramaland.

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Upcoming Drama “Signal” Releases 1st BTS Look & Script Reading Teaser

1998ep6pic32.pngIt looks like these BTS (Behind the Scenes) videos for upcoming TvN dramas are going to be a constant thing.  This is the 2nd one I have seen this month (the first being “Cheese In The Trap”).   This time, it is for the upcoming suspense thriller “Signal”. Continue reading “Upcoming Drama “Signal” Releases 1st BTS Look & Script Reading Teaser”