Mane of Glory #14: Goodbye Hwarang, Hello Rebel Hong Gil Dong

.;a1a.pngI just can’t.  I can’t try to pretend that over half of the drama doesn’t skeeve me the heck out.  So while I will be continuing to watch Hwarang for the fun school antics I will be liberally fast forwarding the fake incest parts.  This also means that I won’t be recapping it at all in the future. Continue reading “Mane of Glory #14: Goodbye Hwarang, Hello Rebel Hong Gil Dong”

Mane of Glory Recap #11


It is finally the end of Scarlet Heart.  Did we love it?  Did we hate it? Did all of our favorite characters have gorgeous hair to the bitter end?  Come join The Fangirls as we discuss the finale two episodes and what we feel now that the drama has concluded.  Also a bonus discussion on the Hwarang Posters.  Will we be checking this drama out for future Mane of Glory recaps? Continue reading “Mane of Glory Recap #11”

Mane of Glory Recap #10

fotorcreatedAm I the only one feeling a deep Park Bo Gum size hole in my life?  Sadly, we do not have any Moonlight Drawn by Clouds episodes to recap.  But at least there is still a ton of drama going on in Scarlet Heart?  We are getting towards the end and need to find out if Su and So will have a happy ending.  Or will fate and historical accuracy pull them apart forever? Continue reading “Mane of Glory Recap #10”