How to Raise Your Kids to Love Kpop

1Fan girls come in all shapes, sizes, and…ages.  As mothers of future fan girls (and boys), we have been both delighted and kind of surprised by the groups, songs, and MVs that seem to capture the interest of our children.  So, we decided to share some of the top choices of our kids.  Come join us as we discuss a few guidelines we try to put in place as semi-responsible parents, as well as the baby biases of our fledgling fans. Continue reading “How to Raise Your Kids to Love Kpop”

The Fangirl’s Kpop Summer Cruizin’ Playlist


Oops.  We had this post planned a few months ago and then it got a bit lost in the blogging shuffle.  But we still have a few weeks of summer left so it is the perfect time to get that last bit of summertime cruizin in before school starts again.  So join Clkytta & Kmuse as they share their favorite songs to blast in the car while the days are warm and long. Continue reading “The Fangirl’s Kpop Summer Cruizin’ Playlist”

The Fangirl’s Roundtable: A Side of Kpop #2


It’s time again for The Fangirls to chime in on some of the newest Kpop and Indie songs released this past month.  So come join us and check out what MV’s we couldn’t stop watching and which ones are a miss.  Then be sure to let us know if you agree or if we missed any of your faves.

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EXO EXOluxion 2 Dalls Recap: The Meaning of the Music

***This posts contains spoilers for anyone who hasn’t yet attended the EXO North American Tour***

Most live pictures are taken by Felicia Jordan and used with her permission.


The concert was slated to be a disaster. Lay couldn’t make it from the beginning because of his China promotions, and now Kai wasn’t able to come thanks to a work visa error on the part of My Music Taste.

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