Kmuse’s Musings: Down With Romance

Unless you are hiding under a rock, you are aware it is Valentines Day tomorrow and have been bombarded by hearts, khotties, and sweet romance in all its many forms.  So I decided to go in a different direction and make a list of kdramas that are decidedly unromantic.  These are the ones to avoid if you are looking for a good OTP, or in some cases, are better just avoided altogether. Continue reading “Kmuse’s Musings: Down With Romance”

Kmuse’s Musings – Top 6 Steamiest Moments


With all the chatting about romantic dramas I started to think about other valentines day inspired topics I could write about.  And what is more appropriate than to share my favorite adult sexy times drama moments?  These scenes were definitely more involved than an open-eyed smooch.  Come join me and see if your favorite made the list. Continue reading “Kmuse’s Musings – Top 6 Steamiest Moments”

Kmuse’s Musings: These are a few of my favorite things…


It’s the holidays.  Which means it is time to reflect on the blessings life has given us, spend time with family, and for the random kaddict out there it means binge watching a drama.  So as I sit next to the tree blogging away before having to play Santa for the kids, I thought it would be fun to just do a random post (emphasis on the random) on some of my favorite things.  Continue reading “Kmuse’s Musings: These are a few of my favorite things…”

Kmuse’s Musings: It’s a Winter Wonderland

fotorcreatedI am officially stuck in my house. For those of you who are unaware, if you are in Portland and it is snowing it means you stay home and wait out the storm.  The roads are horrible and the drivers on the aforementioned roads are worse.  So what do I do during my forced hibernation?  Write a post about my favorite winter drama moments of course.  Just because I choose to not frolic in the snow doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching it on my TV.

Continue reading “Kmuse’s Musings: It’s a Winter Wonderland”

Kmuse’s Musings: Favorite Family Drama Countdown

FotorCreated.jpgA while ago we asked our readers what they wanted us to write about.  This is me following through with one of those requests!  It was requested that we share our favorite weekend family dramas.  And since I think I am the only one out of our blogging group that watches family dramas (shout out in the comments co-bloggers if I am wrong.) I decided it would be a good subject for a Kmuse’s Musings. Continue reading “Kmuse’s Musings: Favorite Family Drama Countdown”

Kmuse’s Musings: A Mysterious Countdown


I reached into the suggestion bag for today’s topic.  One of our readers requested that we share our favorite dramas from the Mystery genre.  There are so many great crime shows out there, but these dramas stood out from the crowd.  So grab some popcorn and turn on all the lights in the house.  It’s time for some serious mystery and suspense! Continue reading “Kmuse’s Musings: A Mysterious Countdown”