The Fangirl’s Roundtable: Chatting Drama OSTs

FotorCreated4I think the majority of The Fangirls actually started checking out Kpop due to hearing our favorite actors sing on OSTs.  So we thought it would be a fun topic to chat about.  Is your favorite OST on our list?  If not, let us know in the comments since we are always happy to check out new music. Continue reading “The Fangirl’s Roundtable: Chatting Drama OSTs”

1st Teaser for Upcoming Drama “Monster” (몬스터) Begins With A Bang

407e9199271572329e7d84199999ec72GAH!!!!!!  It is almost here.  Monster has almost entered the kdrama building (I still wish they had picked another title, but at least it has no connotations to memory/remember/anything regarding the mind, so we have that.) and the first teaser does not disappoint.  There are guns, guns, and more guns and at least one gunshot.  The mystery has officially begun. Continue reading “1st Teaser for Upcoming Drama “Monster” (몬스터) Begins With A Bang”

The Fangirl’s Favorite Romantic Drama Suggestions


It’s valentines day which means it is the time to think about romantic dramas we can watch with our loved ones, or alone with a huge quart of chunky monkey ice cream.  Hmmmm I think if it was a choice between the ice cream and watching a romantic drama with my husband I might go the ice cream route.  Sounds like a good Valentine’s day to me.  Now the hard part is finding just the right romantic drama which is something the Fangirls would like to help you out with.  Come check out our top romantic dramathon picks and make your Valentines Day perfect.

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10 Things People Who Watch Asian Dramas Aren’t Afraid to Do

Looking from the outside in, those who watch Asian dramas seem like a peculiar people. I mean, why watch shows in a different language when there’s plenty of good stuff in English? But there’s all whole new world waiting just outside the usual Netflix fare.


I present to you, ten things people who watch Asian dramas (especially Kdramas) aren’t afraid to do.

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Answer Me 1988 Episode 20 (Final): Can We Just?

So I was right. And I was wrong.  Yes, I’m going to talk about the Husband first and get that out of the way so I’m free to talk about the families, which was the real heart of the show. For this reason, I’m not disappointed. In fact, I’d name it my favorite of 2015. That doesn’t mean I’m not blindsided.


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