Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 2

1a54Episode 2 has us shipping multiple ships (Bong Soon is just so cute with literally everyone that it is hard to not want her to hook up with both guys) and we find out that there is a murderer, or two, loose in the city.  Come join me as I discuss my favorite moments of Episode 2 and discuss why the addition of the Silence of the Lambs wannabe works for me. Continue reading “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 2”

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Episode 1


KMUSE and I have been looking for a new drama to co recap and I’m excited to say we’ve finally found one with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.  I’m doubly excited it’s a rom-com. I’ve only done thriller dramas so far, so this should be fun. Though be warned. This drama is on JTBC which is known for its crime dramas and there is a serial killer to be found among the cast. So buckled up, prepare your swoony hearts, and join me for a hysterically chilling ride.

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