Ouroboros Episode 5: A Quickie Recap


Life has been crazy busy lately and I am so sorry regarding the delay in my recaps.  So in order to play catch up I am giving you episode 5 the abridged version.  Luckily this episode was slow on the mass murder side of things and heavy in the moral decision-making which will allow me to breeze through so you and I can move onward.  Continue reading “Ouroboros Episode 5: A Quickie Recap”

My Secret Romance: Episode 4 – That’s no glass slipper

IMG_4835I once compared our heroine to Cinderella. But she left our Prince Charming with a lot more than breakable footwear. We finally learn what was in the mysterious box. And it’s terrible and hilarious, all at the same time. If only Yoo Mi had a fairy godmother to warn her of the embarrassment looming on the horizon.

Continue reading “My Secret Romance: Episode 4 – That’s no glass slipper”

My Secret Romance: Episode 1 – A Giant, Cliché-packed Cupcake

IMG_4791My Secret Romance premiered today, and it has the delicious Sung Hoon in it. So basically, I’m in. This drama is a lot like that fancy cupcake you see at the supermarket. You know it’s just a frosting-filled mess of empty calories, and you should really check out the carrot stick section. Then that traitorous voice inside you whispers, “But I love frosting!” Continue reading “My Secret Romance: Episode 1 – A Giant, Cliché-packed Cupcake”