Suspicious Partner Episode 19 & 20


Our OTP is finally hooking up………..slowly, very slowly.  But when an OTP (one true pairing) is as adorable as this one it is worth the wait.  We also have some progress on our main killer mystery…….slowly, very slowly.  Hmm  Looking back we don’t get a ton of plot progression, but the few key points we do get are pretty big and all the filler is cute OTP fluff so I am satisfied regardless.  Come join me as I chat the key points of this week and do a lot of OTP screencaps because they are cute to the nth degree. Continue reading

Suspicious Partner Episode 17 & 18

.;a1a2s3Ji Wook, oh sweet Wookie, which of your states of love do I adore the most. Last week their was so much pining and denial but not today. Today, we have truth and honesty. We have smiles and teasing. And we have the cutest version of Ji Wook yet. Oh, and we get to see that kiss but the LONGER version this time. (And I might have watched a behind the scene’s version where the director never said cut and just let them kiss and kiss and kiss. Fans self). Continue reading

Suspicious Partner Episode 13 & 14


Denial runs ramped all over the place this hour. But it does allow for so many longing looks from our resident mopey lawyer that I almost  wish this stage would stay a lot longer. Except I like his smile way more than longing looks and we’re back to only getting it when he doesn’t think anyone is watching or when it just happens spontaneously. We get closer to finding at the why’s and how’s at what really happened the night Bong Hee became a murder suspect. Continue reading