Negative Side Effects of Kdramas

korean-drama-addictYes, I am 100% a kdrama addict. I watch them, obsess about the actors and actresses, blog about them, even dream about them. You get the picture. But it doesn’t mean I don’t see through the rosy glasses I wore when I first started watching. Just like American TV, Kdramas have their flaws but we love them anyway. Today’s blog is not really about those flaws in general, it’s more about a certain mental side effect I found myself having. It made me wonder if anyone else suffers from it as well. Continue reading


Manhole: Feels So Good – Teaser 1

Remember back when Moonlight Drawn by Clouds was about to come out and suddenly we had Park Bo Gum dancing like a boss in hanbok in the middle of Seoul? That teaser really set the tone for the drama even though it had nothing to do with the actual story. I’m really hoping the same is true for Manhole. Here the synopsis since the teaser doesn’t really give any details on the drama.

Manhole: Feels So Good or Wonderland’s Feel (Either tag line kills me when coupled with the main title.)

The time-slip drama centers around Bong Pil and his five friends who travel between the past and present through a manhole in order to stop a wedding scheduled a week later.

What’s better than Jae Joong, Uee, Baro, and Hye Seong (I didn’t know who she was until I looked it up and she was Prince Bo Gum’s sister in Moonlight! I loved her in that show) making fools of themselves in public while wearing in their pajamas.

I wasn’t exactly interested in checking this one out based on the synopsis but now the promo team has my attention. This starts August 9th and it looks like it may be a lot of fun!

~Drama Geek

Suspicious Partner 37 & 38

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 7.56.52 PM

Hello there show that I fell in love with! Plot twists! A bad guy that makes me shiver! Oh so yummy kisses! (These two need an award for most believably natural yet still steamy kisses). We are winding down and just when you thought the rest of the show would be filled with fluff they make sure we remember that even though a criminal is arrested doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of work to be done to convict him of the everything he is guilty of. Especially when he have amnesia that equals possible mental instability. Continue reading

Suspicious Partner Episode 33 & 34

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 8.14.49 PMSerial Killer woke up. Serial Killer has amnesia but is still as creepy as heck. Serial Killer escapes. Thank you for joining me for this week’s set up episode. 🙂 KMUSE and I have been joking around the last couple of weeks because I really am getting the setup up/filler episodes and she gets all the action, in the bedroom and in the plot. So because my episode was pretty much connecting the dots from one episode to the next we’ll quickly cover that then talk about more important things like adopting Korean Harry Potter and how annoying side characters become ones you enjoy. Continue reading

Suspicious Partner Episodes 29 & 30

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 9.43.44 AMJi Wook in denial was cute and entertaining. Ji Wook in love and trying to wait for his affection to be returned was down right adorable. Ji Wook in love and wooing his girl (ahem boots were knocked) was sexy and what unicorns and puppies are made of. Ji Wook devastated and trying to keep himself together even though he’s about to shatter into a million pieces is just PAINFUL. Continue reading

Suspicious Partner Episode 21 & 22

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 8.17.12 PM

We established that in love Wookie is the best last week, and it is still true. But secretive and non sharing BongWook is not the best. Add in a heavy foreshadowing director’s hand and I spent the entire episode wondering when the full fledged angst was going to start. We’ve just barely passed the halfway mark (I get confused too with this new episode count) so I hope we aren’t going to be plunged fully into the separation and sadness territory. We haven’t even gotten real couple moments yet. Continue reading

Suspicious Partner Episode 17 & 18

.;a1a2s3Ji Wook, oh sweet Wookie, which of your states of love do I adore the most. Last week their was so much pining and denial but not today. Today, we have truth and honesty. We have smiles and teasing. And we have the cutest version of Ji Wook yet. Oh, and we get to see that kiss but the LONGER version this time. (And I might have watched a behind the scene’s version where the director never said cut and just let them kiss and kiss and kiss. Fans self). Continue reading

Suspicious Partner Episode 13 & 14


Denial runs ramped all over the place this hour. But it does allow for so many longing looks from our resident mopey lawyer that I almost  wish this stage would stay a lot longer. Except I like his smile way more than longing looks and we’re back to only getting it when he doesn’t think anyone is watching or when it just happens spontaneously. We get closer to finding at the why’s and how’s at what really happened the night Bong Hee became a murder suspect. Continue reading