My Secret Romance: Episode 4 – That’s no glass slipper

IMG_4835I once compared our heroine to Cinderella. But she left our Prince Charming with a lot more than breakable footwear. We finally learn what was in the mysterious box. And it’s terrible and hilarious, all at the same time. If only Yoo Mi had a fairy godmother to warn her of the embarrassment looming on the horizon.

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My Secret Romance: Episode 1 – A Giant, Cliché-packed Cupcake

IMG_4791My Secret Romance premiered today, and it has the delicious Sung Hoon in it. So basically, I’m in. This drama is a lot like that fancy cupcake you see at the supermarket. You know it’s just a frosting-filled mess of empty calories, and you should really check out the carrot stick section. Then that traitorous voice inside you whispers, “But I love frosting!” Continue reading “My Secret Romance: Episode 1 – A Giant, Cliché-packed Cupcake”

Shopping King Louie Episode 15: Louie’s Way

a1The title of this episode “My Way” refers to one of the legendary Frank Sinatra’s most famous songs. (Not my favorite, and not his either from what I’ve heard.) But the first line of the song is so fitting for the show. “And now the end is near. And so I face the final curtain.” It’s almost midnight everyone. Our Shopping Cinderella is about to head home. Louie’s way was sweet while it lasted. Continue reading “Shopping King Louie Episode 15: Louie’s Way”