Fangirl Stalking Military Edition: Keeping the Home Fires Burning for Kang Ha Neul.

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Just when I think our list is getting smaller I stumble upon yet another one of our favorite on screen heroes who will be enlisting soon.  Kang Ha Neul stole my heart in Angel Eyes and made me cry buckets as the 8th Prince in Scarlet Heart.  He leaves for his service in September and honestly all that keeps going through my head are the lyrics to Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” because it feels like all the boys are leaving this summer. Not quite the same meaning as the song, but I’m sure all my fellow fangirls understand my meaning.  We are going to miss you Kang Ha Neul!

The Rules of Fangirl Stalking:

We will start with the dramas I think are must watch works by the actor.  Followed by the shows that could go either way.  This means that they are worth watching in my opinion, but I know there are some people who don’t like the genre.  Lastly, we will cover the dramas/movies that you really could skip and not miss much (at least in regards of the actor featured).  These are the shows that are for die-hard fans who want to watch everything.  So let’s jump into obsessing about Kang Ha Neul!

Watch ASAP!

8th Prince.png

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

I was firmly on team 8th Prince.  I loved his gentle nature and the tender way he dealt with the women in his life.  I was totally unprepared to fall out of love with him, so much so that just like Hae Soo, I was never able to completely let go. His acting in this one dragged me through every emotion possible and made me cry more than I have cried in a long time.


Misaeng/Incomplete Life

I can’t think of anyone who didn’t like this drama. It was literally drama crack for many of my friends. Office politics is something most of us can understand even if we don’t work in a traditional office and we all know someone like each of the interns.  Kang Ha Neul is able to play both serious and funny roles and I totally cracked up at the horribly awkward hot tub scene in the bathhouse.

Depending on my Mood

Angel Eyes.jpg

Angel Eyes

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a hard working adorkable guy who makes sure to keep repeating his name, Park Dong Joo!, so his crush won’t forget it! While I loved the role of young Park Dong Joo and Soo Wan, I was less impressed by their older counterparts.  I’ve been known to watch this one only until the time jump.  After the time jump the story gets more complicated and bogs down, but it’s worth watching for the cuteness of Teddy (Seungri from Big Bang) and Dong Joo’s little sister.

 To the Beautiful You.jpg

To the Beautiful You 

Kang Ha Neul plays a high jump athlete who is struggling to become number one.  I loved this character because he was so real. He wanted to succeed for all the right reasons even if he went about things the wrong ways sometimes.  This drama had a really good cast and it was a fun watch all the way through.

To the beautiful you gif.gif

That moment when you see a side character and become totally interested and rewind to give them a closer look. 

For the Die Hard Fans



Any list would be incomplete without mentioning Heirs.  I may get kicked out of the club, but I HATED this drama.  I added this one to the end so that I didn’t get a lot of comments asking why I didn’t mention Heirs.  Don’t judge me too much fellow fangirls, it wasn’t the actors, it was the storyline, it bored me to tears.

Honorable Mention

RM 190 Preview.jpg

Running Man episode 190

The Angel Eyes team vs. the Running Man team.  I loved this episode for all the shenanigans that were pulled and the super tight teamwork between the Angel Eyes team.

Kang Ha Neul has also been in several movies that I haven’t mentioned.  I kept this post more to dramas and programs associated with the dramas.

Let’s keep the home fires burning for the guys who are serving their country by keeping them in our hearts and on our screens while they are gone.

Until our next Fangirl post,



Fangirl Stalking Military Edition: Keeping the Home Fires Burning for Ji Chang Wook.


Thinking about how to say goodbye for now…

This year several of the stars that I’ve come to love are leaving for the military and it feels like drama land will be so empty without them.  I’ve been a drama fan for long enough to know that leaving for the military doesn’t have to be the kiss of death for our favorite guys.  Let’s send off Ji Chang Wook with hopes that he stays safe and happy and comes back with several new projects to delight us and hopefully one that will showcase his post military abs! Continue reading

Fangirl Stalking Military Edition: Keeping the Home Fires Burning for Lee Soo Hyuk.

LSH Neighborhood Hero.jpg

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is going into the military this year?  It’s always sad to say goodbye to our favorite actors for their time in the military but for some reason Lee Soo Hyuk’s enlistment really floored me and caught me by total surprise.  It made me want to carve out some serious quality time watching his dramas and that inspired me to do a fangirl post.  Actually, it inspired me to do a small series of posts so keep your eyes out over the next few days for a few more fangirl posts about our favorite  guys leaving for the military. Continue reading

Bride of the Water God: I Volunteer as Tribute!

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.17.41 AM

Like all of you, the fangirls have been not so patiently waiting for the new drama, Bride of the Water God.  Can we really ever get enough Nam Joo Hyuk?  All I know is that the teasers for this one have me really excited for this drama to start. The whole premise of offering up a beautiful woman as a sacrifice to a handsome god means we will have great push and pull that will hopefully create a great romance we can all root for.


Bride of the Water God brings us a modern day fantasy. Our struggling heroine is  psychiatrist So-A, played by Shin Se Kyung, and she is offered up as a sacrifice to Nam Joo Hyuk’s character, the Water God Ha Baek.  We have a well rounded cast of secondary characters with Lim Ju Hwan as Hoo-yee who is  Ha Bake’s rival, Krystal Jung as goddess Moo Ra, and Gong Myung rounds the cast out as Bi Ryum.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.21.24 AM

I am really excited for this drama to start because I really like this casting, and we have some actors and actresses who I think will be able to really make this drama stand out.  After all of Nam Joo Hyuk is a great swimmer and I think he will make a perfect Water God. I’m relatively sure that some opportunity to have him standing in the rain shirtless or in the water will occur in this drama.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.17.36 AM

I’m not quite as sure about Shin Se Kyung. I haven’t really been impressed with her acting in the past.  She doesn’t seem to show emotion well in my opinion and I feel like this is a role where she will need to show some emotion.  I hope I am pleasantly surprised and she creates a character that I am in love with.

Bride of the Water God is set to begin July 3rd on TVN after Circle ends.  I love the whole underwater feel of this teaser! Are you looking forward to this drama?  Tell us why in the comments.

Fangirl Stalking: Kim Seul Gi


During a recent fangirl post I realized that Kim Seul Gi hasn’t graced our screens in a regular (not web) drama in a while.  I love her quirky roles and her cameos are always great, but I’m really excited that she has a supporting role in the new drama Lookout coming out soon.  This is one actress that I am cheering for to eventually get a role as the lead in a romantic comedy because she is so talented, but we almost always see her in supporting roles.

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The Fangirl’s Movie Review: Just One Smile is Very Alluring


“Feelings are feelings. It’s hard to tell where they’re from, a game or real life” -KO

Many of our readers know what a huge runaway hit the drama Love O2O is.  It was this drama that inspired CLKYTTA & I to check out this new Chinese movie.  For those unaware, Just One Smile is Very Alluring is the Movie adaptation that was released at the same time as the drama.  Wondering which was better?  Come find out as we do yet another Fangirl Movie Review!

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Fangirl Stalking: Jang Hyuk


Today is my first solo blog post and of course it’s a fangirl stalking post.  I’m Clkytta, and I’m an avid drama fan who is delighted that I can share my drama watching addiction with you. Why did I pick Jang Hyuk for my first solo blog post?  First, his voice, he has one of those voices that sounds kind of gravelly and super sexy and just makes you tingle all over. Second, his eyes, he has amazingly expressive eyes that can convey pure delight, or extreme coldness. Third, his laugh, he has the most amazing laugh, it’s not what you would expect out of such a manly man, and it makes me laugh with him. Last, but not least, I’m a woman pushing 40, and while I love flower boys, there is something about a more mature man that just draws me in.

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