Manhole (Wonderland’s Feels/Feels So Good) is the gift that keeps on giving.


I almost dread the premier of Manhole (Wonderland’s Feels or Feels So Good).  The promos have provided us with so much amusement.  And I am talking about more than just the truly horrible wannabe porn name.  Every time we get a new teaser promo I feel like a drama archaeologist, carefully sifting through the teaser’s layers to try and make some kind of sense of the plot.  This third teaser is no exception.

Manhole WFFSG’s (feel free to insert the full name and snicker, but it takes too long to type out every time) new teaser has finally given us a few clues about what this drama is about . . . kind of.  It looks like there is a wedding and our dashing frantic hero is attempting to stop the nuptials.


But is this a dream or reality?  For that point, I can’t seem to figure out which scenes are actual scenes from the future, past, or if they are just figments of the leading man’s active imagination?  It could pretty much go either way.


When it comes down to it, my expression is pretty much in a constant state of WHAT THE FUDGE IS GOING ON?


But does that mean I am not excited to see the final product?  Of course not.  Why wouldn’t I be on board with a guy who is so desperate to escape the friend zone that he will travel through time via sewers for his true love/BFF?  It is the stuff that great dramas are made from.

Manhole WFFSG will begin airing on August 9th.



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