I Want Those Hours Back – Crime Edition


My disappointment over Lee Joon Ki’s latest drama Criminal Minds is still burning strong. So strong that it has inspired two drama post already with another two coming in the future. I am dropping Criminal Minds right away since I don’t want to waste all my time on something I hate. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that mind set for this next list of dramas. So join me as chat about the crime dramas that were a total waste of my time. It’s official, I want those hours back.

Vampire Detective


I hate this drama with an all encompassing passion.  Just the whole concept of a vampire drama where the lead isn’t even sure if he is a vampire for the majority of the story is plain stupid.  Not to mention the crime of the week storylines were abysmally weak.  Not even Lee Joon’s sexiness could save this hot mess.  It is a huge skip and if you really want to know what goes on check out our recap of the drama.  At least then you won’t waste time with such a sub par storyline.



I know that this isn’t really a traditional crime drama but since the whole plot involved cops searching for the kidnapper amid a stupid reality show, I am counting it. The leading lady was miscast in my opinion. I did not feel any connection between Kim Ah Joong and the despair over losing a child to a kidnapper. Maybe someone who could actually emote through her face would have been a better choice. I have enjoyed Kim Ah Joong in other dramas but this was a huge fail..;a1a2s3

That said, at least we got to stare at the sexiness that was Ji Hyun Woo.  His character development was also “meh” but he sure did look sexy while being boring.

Ghost Detective Cheo Young


OH MY GOSH!  I hated this drama so much and I couldn’t even bring myself to bother with the second one.  If you want a jerk of a lead, a ghost who doesn’t care about others, and a cop who thinks she is losing her mind due to the selfishness of the previous two, then this is your kind of drama.  If you don’t like those things then just skip it and find something better.  There is only so many times you can see our lead man get hit over the head with a board.  I’m not joking, it happened way to often.  They should at least break it up with the random crowbar or vase.

Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit


It was at the height of the Grandpas over Flowers craze (A very entertaining variety program if you have not yet watched.) and someone decided that maybe the winning combination of cranky old man and smart aleck youth could be used in a drama. I am not saying this was the worst crime drama ever filmed. But it just ended up being 16 hours of meh for me.

Iris & Iris 2


There are kaddicts who love these dramas. I am not one of those people. Which is a shame since they had really good casting. Both were also very shiny and pretty when it came to styling and directing. The action scenes, especially in the second, were superbly done. But when it comes to a cohesive and engaging plot both fail miserably. I think they were overly ambitious and the abundance of spy and double spy plots sank both stories for me. It also didn’t help that both dramas ended very similarly. I would be happy never to have to watch another Iris sequel. Let the show die already…. just like most of the characters.

Mrs Cop 2


The first episode was actually pretty engaging.  It was everything after that initial hour which totally sucked.  Well, with the exception of Kim Bum.  He was a great villain.  But even a good villain can’t make up for stupid cops.

Feel free to share your least favorite crime dramas in the comments and let me know if there is a topic for a  I Want Those Hours Back future post.  Also if you are interested in other posts where I discuss what dramas to avoid… Check them out HERE.

See you the next time I feel the need to rant,



18 thoughts on “I Want Those Hours Back – Crime Edition

  1. I’m not sure if you could classify Missing 9 as a Crime Drama, but there was so much crime going on and a stinking serial killer 2nd lead that got away with everything over and over, i couldn’t take it after the 12 or 13th episode mark. For some reason it was torture to get through Gap Dong, even though Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Joon were amazing. I think it was the leading actress, her character was all over the place and I’m not a fan.


  2. I’m not a crime drama fan, but I watched Pride and Prejudice. I had not one clue what the plot of that show was and the female lead was boring and had zero chemistry with Choi Jin Hyuk. Their kisses were cringy. I ended up watching only for the three generations of hot guys and shut my brain off. I agree about “Wanted”. Luckily I only got halfway thru the first episode and dumped it before my opinion of Ji Hyun Woo was tarnished. “Mrs. Cop” 1 and 2 were also abysmal.


  3. I haven’t yet looked at Criminal Minds but I more or less agree with you on the others. Well, those that I did check out. 🙂 Though “hate” may be a bit too big a word in my case… a very strong dislike maybe. Cheo Young S2 wasn’t actually too bad, I rather enjoyed it.


  4. Buwahahahaha…i feel your sentiments my friend…these k-crime dramas are a DUD!!! Well..id rather want them to just stick to plain kdramas than to crime genres….right,netizens?


  5. Iris was amazingly good – it’s a modern spy thriller ala John LeCarre – a genre I love so much. Totally rocked it – I wouldn’t have gone looking for another streaming site & just stuck w/CrunchyRoll a lot longer if it weren’t for wanting to see Iris 2! Which wasn’t quite as good but was still very impressive! They are SPY thrillers, tho, not police/crime shows.
    As for the rest – I laughed thru-out Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit – it was very funny & I loved Heechul in it. The Ghost Detective – yep, enjoyed it & am watching the 2nd season right now. Mrs. Cop 2 – ONLY reason to bother is to see Kim Bum ROCKING it as the villain – even then I only managed 8 episodes. Vampire Detective is soooooo horribly bad 😦 The rest I didn’t watch.
    Criminal Minds is very good, in my opinion. A lot like the American show, but w/Lee Jun Ki. That’s a win for ME at least. I’m loving it!


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