Our 1st Glimpse of Lee Joon Ki in Upcoming Drama Criminal Minds


We are just starting to get a few leaked photos from the Criminal Mind set starring Lee Joon Ki and Moon Chae Won.  Actors that I have enjoyed to various degrees in past dramas.  And while I am a little disappointed that this won’t be the Lee Joon Ki romantic comedy I fantasize about, the stills have me pretty darn excited to check this drama out.

Criminal Minds is based on the American TV show of the same title and is expected to air later this summer on TvN.



6 thoughts on “Our 1st Glimpse of Lee Joon Ki in Upcoming Drama Criminal Minds

  1. I’ve always really liked them both too. This sounds interesting, particularly because I heard its based off the American Criminal Minds. I haven’t followed that series though, I was more of the Law and Order fan. But I do have to catch up to Criminal Minds Beyond Borders with Daniel Henney.


  2. I dont like lee jonki but im an avid fan of Criminal Minds USA edition and never miss any american episodes so just the sane i will watch Criminal Minds Korean edition…..hope they will be good as their US counterparts…then who will play the role of the psychiatric doctor who had an IQ of 200??


  3. OK 😀 Criminal Minds is one of a scant handful of US TV shows I like, Lee Jun Ki is, well, OMG I will watch him read that proverbial phone book…in Korean…w/no subtitles… so I’m totally completely excited for this! Plus the rest of the cast looks awesome 😀


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