General and I Releases Stunning Posters and Trailer


I am so excited to watch the upcoming Chinese drama General and I after viewing the latest posters and trailer. All of the promotions have hit the right spot to suck viewers in.  The posters are stunning and you can feel the emotion coming from the characters and I personally can not wait for this drama to start.


Brilliant strategist Bai Ping Ting and prince-general Chu Bei Jie of rival kingdoms find themselves torn between loyalty to the country and their passionate love for each other.

I find it extremely amusing that they are trying to convince us that the leading lady, played by renowned beauty Angela Baby, is an average looking girl known only for her brains (insert eye roll.)  But since the trailer is so good, I will attempt to let my skepticism over the casting go for now.  General and I begin airing on January 2nd.


5 Minute Long Trailer


9 thoughts on “General and I Releases Stunning Posters and Trailer

  1. Christina

    I’d actually forgotten I’d downloaded the novel version to read. I’m only a few chapters in, but I really like the female character as she seems smart and capable. I hope Angelababy can bring the same strength to her drama character as she has in the book.

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    1. humbledaisy1

      I downloaded it as well and have read it about six times since I heard this was coming out. I’m in need of an epic historical romance with a minimum of jealous second leads.


  2. Rie

    The acting not good, too stiff
    battle too fake and not have strength
    just put the handsome and beautiful is enough. We want a real acting, put soul inside please.


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