Shopping King Louie Provides Fans With New Stills and a Making Of Poster Video.


From Instagram photos of our sexy Seo In Guk filming in Paris, to new stills of our poverish OTP (One True Pairing), to a video of our leads making cutesy drama posters….. today has officially been a great day for fans of upcoming drama Shopping King Louie.

SYNOPSIS: A romantic comedy about Louie, a rich heir who, due to his frustration of not being able to remember his past, always spends money to buy anything indifferently. One day he meets Bok Shil, a pure and energetic woman who teaches him that love isn’t something money can buy.


There is something so charming about penniless Seo In Guk.  He looks like the khottie version of a homeless puppy you want to take home and feed.  Nam Ji Hyun also is looking adorable as the  countrified leading lady who teaches our compulsive shopping hero about love and living the simple life.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t find the rich chaebol version of Seo In Guk’s character sexy as all get out.  A deep thank you to whoever decided to take these photos for Instagram.  It is rare that someone can outshine the gorgeous Parisian architecture, but Seo In Guk does his best to achieve this.


But the true highlight for this fangirl was watching the special video released on Naver of Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun shooting the official posters.  They are so adorable and ooze chemistry.

Click below for the video.  Will replace with a Youtube Link as soon as one becomes available.


Shopping King Louie will air on September 21st.  I suspect we will be getting another teaser or two mid-week so be sure to check back for more Seo In Guk coverage.



8 thoughts on “Shopping King Louie Provides Fans With New Stills and a Making Of Poster Video.

  1. I’m so looking forward to this… SEO IN GUK always looks dapper no matter what he wears and absolutely effective in any role that he portrays. Thanks a lot for this nice write-up. Cheers!!!

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