A Plethora of New Teasers!

FotorCreatedThere literally are too many new teasers released in the last 24 hrs for me to do individual posts (except for Seo In Guk’s new show……because hello, its Seo In Guk.) so you get a mega teaser post featuring a look at the dramas Wanted, Beautiful Mind, Doctors, and Bring it On Ghost.


The intensity goes up a notch in this latest teaser.  I am anxious just watching 44 seconds.  Not sure how I am going to last through 16 hours worth of kidnapped angst.



Despite the fact that I find it just a tad bit off putting that a teacher has a thing for a student, I still plan on watching.



Beautiful Mind

YAY!  We finally have a glimpse at the leading lady.  She does exist!



Bring it On Ghost

Just the smallest of glimpses, but ghosts are always a fun subject in kdramaland.


So many shows and so little time.  Which ones are you planning on adding to your weekly watch list?



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