Lee Kwang Soo Takes The Lead in Trailer for Drama Special “Puck!”

a0f10.pngI have been a Lee Kwang Soo fan for years, so I am really happy to see him finally being acknowledged for not just his variety talent.  It has been a long time coming, but I think that South Korean entertainment is ready to take some baby steps away from its traditional pretty casting and give some great comedians a chance to shine.  I am also thinking of Kim Seul-Gi who was finally able to land a leading lady role in Splash Splash Love.  Maybe if we are lucky we will see more surprise castings in 2016.

a4.jpgBut for now, we can enjoy them in these mini-dramas.  The latest which is Puck! about a good guy (Kwang Soo) who is forced to work for a gang boss collecting debts.  He joins a local hockey team in order to force the coach to pay up.  While this will be a departure from his usual comedic characters, the trailer gives off a feeling of hope and finding one’s self which is engaging.  Puck! airs January 1st and is 2 episodes long.


3 thoughts on “Lee Kwang Soo Takes The Lead in Trailer for Drama Special “Puck!”

  1. dramarookie

    Ahhh! I’ve been wanting Kwangsoo to have a lead role, and here it is! Is it just me, or is he getting better looking : ) So glad they’re giving him a chance to do something besides make funny faces. (Even though I luv his funny faces.)


  2. humbledaisy1

    As a hockey player and a hockey mom, I just want to tell him to WEAR HIS MOUTHGUARD! The eye protector isn’t enough on its own. No need to mess up all that dental work.

    Liked by 1 person

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