Martial Art Themed 1st Teaser for “Moorim School”

s6I continue to wonder how they are going to attack the concept of this story.  Is it going to be your traditional Kdrama high school caper with horrible teachers and mean kids galore?  Will there be any romance?  Will we be getting awesome action scenes?s74

We see a bit more of our four leads as they fight, train, & maybe gather to summon a demon through martial art skills (What?  It could totally happen.) in the school’s mystical looking gym.  And while I still have no clue what the end concept of this drama is going to be, I do know one thing…….  I will forever be distracted that they are using the house from “Full House 2” as their school.  Thankfully everyone’s hair is indeed better so maybe I will give their shooting location a pass.


“Moorim School” is set to air in the new year on January 11th.

1st Teaser


2 thoughts on “Martial Art Themed 1st Teaser for “Moorim School”

  1. Kdramajen

    It’s seems like a Harry Potter with Khotties who know Tae Kwon Do. Yup. I will be hanging out at the platform waiting for this Hogwart’s Express! I hope the drama is as cool as the trailer makes it seem!

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