Upcoming Drama “Remember” has First Script Reading

collageaIt seems like half of the blog so far is about Yoo Seung Ho and his many projects.  Which, being my #2 bias, is not overly surprising.  **You better hurry up and do something new Seo In Guk so you can regain your Kmuse fangirling throne**

This time we are seeing the first glimpse at the cast for upcoming lawyer suspense drama “Remember”.

collagea“Remember” is the story about Seo Woo Bin who has the condition of hyperthymesia, which allows him to remember almost every day in perfect detail.  His father had been previously convicted of a crime but was innocent.  In order to prove this, Woo Bin (Loving the name….I will remember it for once) becomes a lawyer.  Time is against Woo Bin, as his disease slowly makes him lose his memory due to Alzheimer’s.

a8This is giving me unpleasant flashbacks of Park Min Young’s previous drama “A New Leaf”.  You better not go down the disappointing path of boredom “Remember”.  I demand only the best, most complex, character plots for my #2.  For now I guess we have to wait and pray to the drama gods for an interesting script.  “Remember” is set to air in December.



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