Kmuse’s Musings: Down With Romance

Unless you are hiding under a rock, you are aware it is Valentines Day tomorrow and have been bombarded by hearts, khotties, and sweet romance in all its many forms.  So I decided to go in a different direction and make a list of kdramas that are decidedly unromantic.  These are the ones to avoid if you are looking for a good OTP, or in some cases, are better just avoided altogether. Continue reading “Kmuse’s Musings: Down With Romance”

So Many Teasers So Little Time

I swear that all the teasers wait for the day I go to work to be released.  The Dramaverse is out to get me.  So instead of a carefully thought out piece on each one, I am going for the throw everything in a pot and call it good type of post.  Because somehow I don’t think my employers would accept the “I had to share new kdrama teasers with the world” as a valid excuse for being late. Continue reading “So Many Teasers So Little Time”

Mane of Glory #15: Hwarang Update & Ep 1-4 Rebel Hong Gil Dong


Rebel Hong Gil Dong started which means we have to chat about whether we love or hate it….Spoiler… WE LOVE IT!  And since there are a few of us still eking our way to the Hwarang finish line, we take a moment to check in and share our thoughts.  So join us as we chat about good and bad writing and how it really does make a drama worth watching. Continue reading “Mane of Glory #15: Hwarang Update & Ep 1-4 Rebel Hong Gil Dong”

Kmuse’s Musings – Top 6 Steamiest Moments


With all the chatting about romantic dramas I started to think about other valentines day inspired topics I could write about.  And what is more appropriate than to share my favorite adult sexy times drama moments?  These scenes were definitely more involved than an open-eyed smooch.  Come join me and see if your favorite made the list. Continue reading “Kmuse’s Musings – Top 6 Steamiest Moments”