The Fangirls End of Year Countdown – Favorite OSTs of 2016


This has been a year full of amazing dramas and equally amazing music, so it is only right that we give our favorite OSTs (Original Sound Tracks) their due and wax poetic about their power to move us.  So come check out The Fangirls favorites and let us know if yours made the list this year.

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New Posters and 1st Teaser for Upcoming Teen Suspense Solomon’s Perjury

a4Now this drama looks wonderfully dark and suspenseful.  At least if the teaser and posters have any truth to them.  A remake of a popular Japanese movie by the same name, Solomon’s Perjury, takes a look into the gritty world of a high school where a student was murdered. Continue reading “New Posters and 1st Teaser for Upcoming Teen Suspense Solomon’s Perjury”

The Pros and Cons of Watching Cdrama The Princess Wei Young

1a56The Princess Wei Young is the perfect new drama to binge watch over the holidays.  This story has it all.  A brilliant and beautiful princess leading a double life, a  fairy tale romance, and enough revenge to satisfy everyone.  This is truly a great drama that deserves a chance to suck you in.  So come discuss why I am enjoying this story, as well as a few cons, and maybe you too could be as addicted as I am.

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The Great Debate: To binge watch or simulcast


What is my place in the universe? Is there a God? What is the purpose of life? Should I binge watch previously-aired Korean dramas, or watch new episodes airing now?

These are the universal questions that humanity has struggled with since the beginning of time (or the beginning of DramaFever, depending).

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Hwarang’s 2nd Teaser Finally Catches My Attention

Now this is what Hwarang should have been popping out in it’s teasers from the start.  Forget trying to create some epic historical full of angst and politicking, all while our leads are stuck wearing buy in bulk wigs…..Sorry, that was never going to really fly for this viewer.  I demand bromantic fighting and a huffy historic version of a principal trying to keep them in line instead.  That is a drama I can get behind. Continue reading “Hwarang’s 2nd Teaser Finally Catches My Attention”

Legend of the Blue Sea Recap – Episodes 3 & 4


We have falling in love part 2 as our amnesiac genius must figure out who our quirky mermaid is yet again.  Did The Fangirls love this plot twist?  Do we wish we could give ourselves a quick dose of amnesia and forget parts of this week’s episode?  Come find out as we discuss all the biggest plot points of episode 3 & 4 of our mermaid drama. Continue reading “Legend of the Blue Sea Recap – Episodes 3 & 4”